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In 1946, the founder of the company, Erwin Hill, started making rotary whisks of very solid quality. In doing so, he laid the foundations for the company as a whole and, in particular, a range of high-grade kitchen utensils which are still made at the location in Solingen today. In line with his slogan, "There's no alternative to functionality and quality", the product range was gradually expanded and successfully marketed over decades, usually under the famous brand names of their key customers. Today consumers and have access to a product range covering over 300 different kitchen utensils - marketed the world over.

Wherever possible, Triangle makes full use of environmentally compatible production methods, such as plastics made from renewable raw materials, recycled paper for packaging and catalogs and electricity from sustainable sources.

The kitchen aids contribute to improving the pleasure of the meals prepared with them as using them is also intended to be enjoyable, exciting and motivating. As indispensable aids to peeling, decorating, garnishing and shaping foods, the products are equally appreciated by professional chefs and demanding households.


  • 10 professional - Handle is made of solid, fibre glass reinforced poly- amide plastic (PA). It is a true classic of chef cooking.

  • 72/73/76 spirit - Handle is made of high-quality polypropylene (PP). Available in symmetric form for kitchen utensils and spatula and in asymmetric form as knife handle. The modern and plain design as well as the high-class finishing is appreciated both by trade and ambitious hobby chefs.

  • 77/78 greengrip® - GreenGrip® consists of up to 100 % ecological handle material. Based on sugarcane from ISCC-certified culti- vation. The handles are easy to clean, hygienic and dishwasher-safe. They are solely made in Germany.

  • 25 carver - The Carver handle is made of a combination of high- grade polypropylene which is covered by a non-slip santoprene at the front end. Its round form allows turning the handle easily. This is why it is perfect for the creative cutting and carving of fruit and vegetable.

  • 30 ABS - The spatula handle is made of ABS. It is assembled, riveted and finished manually. Due to the different materials combined, cleaning by hand is recommended.

  • 32 kirschbaum - The new Cherrywood series consists of steam-treated cherrywood. The wood is sourced exceptionally from German cultivation with certified sustainability. In spite of its solidness and sturdy characteristics cleaning by hand is recommended.