We wish everyone a peaceful and pleasant Christmas and we will be looking forward to see you again from 4. 1. 2021


Surprise your guests by a taste hidden in small fancy pearls.

Let us introduce the world's first automatic pearl former: Spherificator. The Cedarline Spherificator is easy to use, handle and clean, while it is also amazingly quiet and fit right into hand perfectly.

This innovative product easily converts up to 200ml of liquids into decorative caviar-shaped pearls and above all offers an incredibly fast and consistent production process: up to 500 pearls per minute!

The Spherificator is the perfect tool for any business - from restaurants, bars or cafés to all kinds of other projects. Just for anyone who loves to entertain!

Let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities of ingredients and recipes to really surprise your guests. So go ahead and play with your food.