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Vacuum Pump Oil SAE 10 1 Lt

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Oil for vacuum pump: the pump is the main component of the vacuum packer because it is responsible for performing the vacuum. For proper operation it is advisable to check the oil level and condition weekly.Once the working hours indicated by the manufacturer have been reached, it is advisable to change the oil.The oil should cover ¾ parts of the sight glass without exceeding the maximum level. It can be checked on the back of the packer.
The oil should have a yellow and transparent coloration. If in its place a white coloration is observed it can be due to the emulsion in the oil of the vapor that comes off of each packaging. This water concentration can be eliminated with the Autoclean Oil function. The oil may also get a dark shade, this may be because you have aspirated dirt. Its properties will be affected by what must be replaced.It is advisable to change the oil reached during the first 100 hours of operation. Then make the change every 300 hours as long as the oil is not dirty.The oil filter must be replaced every 900 hours of operation (every 3 oil changes).