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J. Bursík Cutting board Atlas

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Product properties

Weight:3333 g
Width:36 cm
Height:4 cm
Length:36 cm

Product additional information

Atlas is a luxury kitchen cutting and serving board which is hand-made of a mixture of the finest wood species, namely maple and black walnut.
The production of the boards lies in a special process of repeated cutting, gluing and grinding. After the final grinding, the product is impregnated with a special mixture. The mixture is made according to our family recipe and it consists of a special ratio of beeswax from our domestic bees and vegetable oils. Thanks to this impregnation the cutting board is beautifully shiny and it does not absorb odors from food that is processed on the cutting board. This mixture is foodsafe.
Material: Maple, Black Walnut Dimensions (LxWxH): 360x360x40 mm Weight: 3333g Beautiful 3D effect, perfect for serving
Maple is very similar to the beech. It has approximately the same weight, uniform density, the same thickness of cell walls and the occurrence of numerous marrow rays. However, the wood of the maple is much lighter, the wood of the milky maple is yellow-white, Common maples have pink tint. The maple core is not different in color, sometimes, in the case of older strains, a dark-brown to black-colored roller, the so-called expanded marrow, occurs near the marrow in older strains. Maple wood works less than beech wood.
Black walnut tree is a remarkable tree species especially appreciated for high-quality wood, widely used in furniture production. The wood of this tree excels in solid and heavy wood, which has a dark brown, even mauve core, which is widely use.