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Bamix mixer PROFI GASTRO grey 350W

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This Bamix model is specifically designed for use in commercial premises (i.e. restaurants, hotels, etc.).
The Bamix Gastro 350 is fitted with a longer drive shaft (35cm immersible depth) for processing larger quantities, an ergonomically designed soft grip handle for added comfort and a coiled electrical cable for ease of movement around the kitchen. The Bamix Gastro 350 has a 350W dual-speed (commercial grade) induction motor, which operates at awe-inspiring speeds of 18,000 and 22,000 revolutions per minute the fastest Bamix ever!
The Bamix Gastro 350 makes mixing, whisking, blending and mincing quick and easy to do, which makes it a must have utensil for any commercial kitchen. The powerful and yet super-quiet Swiss motor creates a vortex; smoothly drawing liquids and ingredients inward towards the rotating blade attachment. Most hand-held blenders will splash ingredients around during use, but the operating speeds of the Bamix Gastro 350 mean that it is "just too fast to splash!". The four stationery prongs of the cutter guard (located at the end of the drive shaft) provide a stable base and encase the blade attachment, so that any Bamix can be safely used inside receptacles (e.g. pots, pans, bowls, beakers, et al.) without scratching. This means that, for example, the Bamix Gastro 350 can be placed directly into a pan of soup whilst still boiling on the hob, which saves on washing up, time and effort. For reasons of practical use, the Bamix Gastro 350 can be kept at hand by slotting it into its wall mounting stand, which should be sited in an easily accessible location.