We wish everyone a peaceful and pleasant Christmas and we will be looking forward to see you again from 4. 1. 2021

Lotus Grill

The LotusGrill® has a patented built-in battery operated fan system that you can control, which creates a bellows system, pushing air over the charcoals and forcing them to become very hot, very quickly. This also bypasses the annoying smoking stage of creating BBQ embers. The charcoal lights easily and quickly with readily available and safe ethanol lighting gels, meaning the grill is ready to cook in just 3 minutes!

The LotusGrill® uses a thin metal grill surface ensuring excess fat and oil drips into the removable catching tray and not back into your food. The thin grill also reduces food sticking to it, so no need to add oil to your food. The flat centre piece stops fat dripping onto the hot coals and in turn, prevents smoke, without compromising even heat distribution across the entire grill.

The patented and highly effective ‘thermal and radiant’ heat distribution system ensures that the BBQ produces and distributes evenly, high heat, very quickly. This effectiveness means you only require 10% of the charcoal used in traditional charcoal BBQ’s, resulting in less hassle and decent savings on charcoal.