We wish everyone a peaceful and pleasant Christmas and we will be looking forward to see you again from 4. 1. 2021


Oro resembles a handmade collection of elegant cutlery and accessories made of brass. CHIC found its inspiration in the royal culture of the 19th century. The Oro collection stands out because of its surprisingly classic but timeless design, an own design by the brand CHIC.

All items are handmade, which contributes to its unique character. The soft champagne gold finishing colour adds personality to your table, while providing it with the finishing touch you’ve always been looking for. All cutlery items are designed with great attention to the functional aspect. They are well shaped and fit just right in your hand, making them comfortable to use.

All cutlery items are available in sets of 4pcs, which allows its users to compile their very own cutlery set.

The Oro collection is made from pure brass with a small percentage of zinc. Because of the food safety of the items, lead was not included in their composition. The items were polished to obtain the beautiful matte gold color. This process is possible thanks to the presence of zinc.Furthermore, no coating was used for the finish.