We wish everyone a peaceful and pleasant Christmas and we will be looking forward to see you again from 4. 1. 2021

Let's support Czech gastronomy together

Your guests are even more important to you than the IKA/Culinary Olympics jury itself. The Czech national culinary team is delighted to dazzle its pleasant blanket on a timeless pedestal made of concrete by NAÏF studio, which is individually tested and made for this special occasion. Its design shifts the presentation from polished aesthetic waters to fully practical and efficient part for daily use in the culinary world.

In our offer there will be several pieces for those who can serve as a national team every day. Are you the only one of them?

Custom production of concrete pedestal IKA makes joy twice. Part of the prize is addressed to direct support of Czech gastronomy.


Cooking national team: representation and motivation of us all

In recent years we have witnessed amazing results of our Czech national culinary teams of chefs and confectioners of the Association of Chefs and Confectioners of the Czech Republic, who in the category of juniors and seniors, won awards at world culinary competitions. Many efforts and strains are behind the successes. It is necessary to point out the often neglected fact that team membership is a voluntary but very intensive activity that requires countless hours of initiative beyond the scope of its own work. In addition to culinary art, support from partners as well as fresh presentation of meals is an integral part of placing on top positions. We are pleased that we have been actively involved in the amazing results of contemporary Czech gastronomy for many year


The National Team inventory will shine not only at the IKA but also at your table

This year we are not left behind too: the Czech National Culinary Teams are at the very last stage of filing every detail of the Olympic menu. The goal is clear. Extraordinary preparation and winning serving. The Stuttgart IKA/Culinary Olympics are coming inexorably, and a great presentation is an absolute must for success in addition to the perfect menu. Duo of the designer Tibor Mužík from industry_studio and the production company NAÏF again took on the challenging task. Their long-term and close dialogue with members of the National Junior Team took into account detailed requirements and technological boundaries on a daily basis. In our hands we are now proudly holding the final design of concrete plating, whose successful design speaks for itself.


Perfect handwork and a quality production in the design shape

NAÏF concrete pedestal IKA is created by the high-strength cast concrete technology, Chef gray, the only one in Europe to be certified for contact with food and water. 95% is handmade, the remaining 5% is machine-made wooden model. “Making a model takes time and maximum precision. Its production, mold preparation, casting, several grinding cycles and the final polishing to absolute smoothness, the total drying and curing of the cast takes at least a month, ”says Tibor Mužík, artist and designer, who is behind the realization of this work of art.


Minimalism from which you choose anyway

Although it is a unique and very original product, it is possible to choose from a collection of four color variants. Do you like the darkest shade of Anthracite, the lighter Silver version, the lightest Soft Silver, or the essential shade Natural? And which will be the best on your table?


And the best on the end

We are preparing for you a unique limited series of only 10 pcs of NAÏF concrete pedestals IKA in the world, which will be signed by the members of the Junior National Culinary Team and at the same time elegantly printed logos of partners.

It is a unique chance to crown your own collection with an ultimate design element in an unprecedented design, as well as direct support of the Czech gastronomic industry.


Please contact us at any time for details and performance of the NAÏF pedestal IKA edition at the Premium Gastro showroom. Please arrange a personal meeting before on phone no.: +420 776 184 702.

We believe that also thanks to these concrete gems this year our juniors will succeed in competitions and defend their beautiful places from previous years. Fingers crossed!