We wish everyone a peaceful and pleasant Christmas and we will be looking forward to see you again from 4. 1. 2021


The IKA Culinary Olympics 2020 is almost here – it will take place from 14th to 19 th February 2020 in Stuttgart, Germany, where it is held again after 4 years. The Czech Republic will be represented there too and our successful culinary teams will be competing neither with their experience and tactics, but also by beautiful serving inventory from Premium Gastro.

Do you ask a question about the reason why do these industry leaders trust in Premium Gastro care? Answer is really simple and let´s the owner of Premium Gastro, Petr Svejkovský, explain it: “Our goal is to support Czech gastronomy by the best we can offer. IKA is a place where no compromises are forgiven. Perfect cooking is the basic of course, but the first impression of the jury depends also on plating. ” Therefore Premium Gastro continually expands its range of carefully selected brands, news from around the world, unprecedented porcelain, timeless design, unique products and technologies. Last, but not least, the above-standard choice and its variety is completed by professional and helpful advice there.



Lukáš Uher, the captain of the Junior National Team AKC ČR, cooperated very closely on the preparation of the final plating for the Olympics than ever before. 
Juniors will fight in two disciplines, namely in the category of „Hot Cuisine“ and „Buffet for 12 people“. Here it is about providing almost whole arsenal of porcelain. The composition of the appropriate inventory fell mainly on high-quality and precisely made products of Figgjo, Crucial Detail and La Tavola brands. But that's not all. There was realized in cooperation with designer Tibor Mužík, who is behind the NAÏF studio, an unique project: the perfect artistic and crafted design concrete pedestal, created just for this Olympic occasion. Despite the demanding production, Premium Gastro decided to prepare several few pieces as a limited edition with collector value. And above all, it is a joy for us to support talented young people.



The team, consisting of professional matadors Tomáš Horký, Patrik Bečvář, Martin Pudil, Martin Svatek, Norbert Hojda, Martin Staněk, Helena Fléglová, Hana Briatková and Iva Roháčová, goes to IKA to compete in two disciplines. In „the Restaurant of Nations“ category they will prepare 110 servings of a three-course menu and in „the Chef Table“ category they will serve a menu for 12 people. All in all, their equipment takes up almost the entire van. The team manager, Tomáš Popp, entrusted the care of whole inventory to Premium Gastro hands. We can reveal, that our culinary pros intuitively reach for premium plates that evoke first-class quality. For this reason, the National Team was again equipped with great Figgjo inventory, Crucial Detail collections and 100% Chef for even better results. Tomas Popp remember, that the incredible inventory and many unattainable gadgets used to be the prerogative of the Nordic states in past, which of course played their cards. However – it has changed and our National Team has caught up this disadvatage already: “It is all also thanks to Petr Svejkovský of Premium Gastro, who has helped us and still helps with equipment and transport. He arranged for us a kitchen at the National Agriculture Museum in Prague, lent us inventory from his Premium Gastro showroom, and introduced us to Tibor Mužík, who produces original plates and creates table designs. We are really grateful for this cooperation. ”And gratitude is mutual. The cooperation gives Premium Gastro the opportunity to collaborate with professionals from the NAÏF studio and to realize the ideas of professionals in the form of an unique tailor-made concrete inventory.



We also receive regular attention from the team led by captain Radek David and manager Lukáš Paluska, which fight together with Lukáš Skála, Silvia Sulanská, Tomáš Frištenský and Tomáš Horák. They will compete this year in „the Regional Teams“ category, where they present a board of five-course menu. It is a public secret that Radek is the main engine of the whole party. No wonder his timely and organized preparation is his prerogative. He liked Premium Gastro even when had a small space in Průhonice with a fraction of the range , that it is offered in showroom today. Even so, he found a reason to come back repeatedly if he needed to present food in world places. However, this was not the case of “IKA”. He visited Premium Gastro showroom with the team last October with clear vision. But once again we put heads together and fine-tuned the final composition of the board, porcelain and other details that will be the jury interested in at IKA. From the prepared repertoire we can mention for example Crucial Detail products.



We have been working intensively with Jiří Středa, the captain of the regional team, for the five years already. Every month he chooses tens of representative porcelain in the showroom to give the professionally finished dishes the right final effect. “We are going to compete with the seven-course menu at IKA Olympics, which we prepare for 120 people. One portion may not exceed the 5 EUR price limit, ”says Jiří. From Premium Gastro, the team is bringing inventory from the DPS brand, where 250 fingerfoods will be displayed in the refrigerated display case. In addition, we have equipped them with KÄNGABOX transport thermoboxes for a long journey to get all pre-cooked dishes in place in right condition.



It is almost seven years ago, when Lukáš entered Premium Gastro for the first time. As soloist in national and international competitions, he was looking for a varied selection of timeless, untraditional and representative inventory. Lukáš recalls that the offer was very limited that time and the diverse repertoire he had encountered at Premium Gastro became a beginning of the long term cooperation. Since then, before each competition, Lukáš comes from Vrchlabi to Premium Gastro showroom to choose the most suitable pieces there and with respect to them only, he determines how to prepare and serve the dishes for each competition. “The wheels are making the car and the plates are making my food. It is good to surprise the jury also in plating by something that is not perceived. At IKA, I borrowed the beautiful white plates from Figgjo, their wonderful novelty, ”he says. At the Olympics, he will compete with a five-course menu featuring cold appetizer, soup, warm appetizer, main course, dessert and canapes. Due to the fact that in the Krkonoše Mountains there is currently high season, there is a very little time left for preparations. The menu will be based on typical Czech tastes and local ingredients, but Lukáš is currently developing a concrete idea.


So, let´s keep fingers crossed for all our representatives with Premium Gastro and look forward to their results.