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Kängaboxes invites to #nekaslemenavas challenge. Join also!

At this moment, when the operation of Czech hospitality facilities was closed due to government regulations, a charitable vision #nekaslemenavas was created by Zdeněk Střížek, the owner of Bejzment. The challenge target is to provide free food to those, who help while being on the first coronavirus line. Almost from day to day, he give the idea the life to support the firemen, police, rescuers, nurses and paramedics who tirelessly help others during these days.

#nekaslemenavas https://www.facebook.com/nekaslemenavas/


Spontaneously and as the first one
The #nekaslemenavas project was born very quickly and spontaneously, just four days after the official ban, it continues to grow and evolves continuously on the go. Restaurants, that have not shut down the kitchen and offer food to take away or deliver to clients, can join the challenge and selflessly serve a few portions a day to those, who help in the current emergency situation.


We started with 100 servings

Zdeněk Střížek explains his intentions: “At first we wanted to be beneficial in Bejzment and also to meaningfully process the stock we had in our warehouse. I felt that I just needed to lend a helping hand in this situation, so I prepared about 100 servings one day that I gave to the police officers. And we agreed with them that we would support them regularly so that they could rely on us. At the same time, I urged all restaurants to engage also and support by free food everywhere they feel it will make sense. Bejzment is now starting to import extra food to Na Bulovce Hospital.”


Join too!

In less than a week, not only 40 restaurants from all over the Czech Republic took part in #nekaslemenavas project but also many partners who donate raw materials for cooking too. Anyone, who wants to offer at least 10 servings at a time, can participate very easily. It is up to the restaurant itself to decide whether to provide food to health professionals, police officers or senior citizens, as well as the most suitable mode of transport. In some restaurants, food is picked up by appointment, elsewhere it is imported to their destination.


KÄNGABOXES in the first line

Known for his openness in supporting positive projects, Petr Svejkovský from Premium Gastro immediately donated the best thermoboxes on our market for the #nekaslemenavas challenge. The five Kängaboxes, via Zdeněk Střížek, got to Prague police officers, who carry their meals to their duty station daily. “Transporting food from the kitchen by car to the customers is a specific discipline. Those who have not yet been able to deliver food should consider how to reliably transport the food in order to avoid getting something in front of the client that will not even be eaten. And now is definitely no time to waste. Kängaboxes allow the transport of warm meals gently, plus are perfectly enclosed and thanks to the isolation the steam do not escape and also the surrounding odors don´t get in. They are very light and easy to handle too. For regular transport of food on a professional level and to recommend and donate for mentioned purpose, the Kängabox is the best choice that I stand for, ”explains Petr Svejkovský the reason for his choice.


What will be the next step?

The intention is to work this project further as independently as possible. Anyone who is involved in any way, declares it by sharing on Facebook #nekasmelenavas and uses the hashtag to communicate on social networks.
There is also a website in the final phase that will be even more transparent for both - donors and partners.

No one knows exactly how long government measures to stop a pandemic will last. However, the wave of interest in being part of and assisting by all means available to philanthropic entrepreneurs continues to grow, and thus the number of those who make life easier for the project on a daily basis.


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