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There is no tray like a tray!

The serving tray is the medium that enables the first personal contact with the food in the bistro, canteen or similar kind of gastronomic operation. Did you know, that any tray communicates immediately after being grasped in the hands and through underlines the experience of the entire visit in the restaurant? What´s the paradox, the host do not even touch the plate from which he eat, although more and more attention is being paid to plates selection. What is possible to say through your serving trays? Did you already think about it?


It is not surprise, that your guest perceives the material, design, shape, surface, weight, but also the design, colors or unique printed message. All together this create the first and at the same time very significant impression. These are the reasons why you should pay close attention to the right choice of trays, whether you run a bistro, self-service buffet, snack bar or cafeteria.


The options that are available on the tray menu are almost endless. It's not hard to get lost in it. At Premium Gastro, we are ready to choose with you a quality and reliable product with various specific requirements for use, with printing, anti-slip, in interesting shapes and colours, all at an adequate price. If you are solving a problem with the breakability of trays, or their losses, there is also a way to solve the situation thanks to the possibility of a 3-5 year warranty on specific variants and series of Roltex®trays. We will help you to make the right choice of the best variant, to orient in the offer and advice how to effectively use the purchase budget and thus even save money!


We will be happy to personally introduce you the range of options in our showroom and provide you with professional samples. We will help you choose the solution, that is the most suitable for you.


Check your priorities

The key to choose the ideal tray is in your priorities. The clearer the idea is, the easier is also the selection. The following questions will help determine to reach the most suitable product in order to match the operation and support the desired impression of the visit.

  • In what type of operation should the tray work? Is there a buffet service waiting for him, where he will be moved around the bar, or will the guest receive the tray with food?
  • What kind of guests will use the tray regularly? If children, weight must be taken into account.
  • What maintenance will the tray face? Dishwasher and water temperature affect the durability and wear of the material.
  • How much should the tray be scratch resistant? Will there be food slicing on it, or should it only serve as a tray?
  • What story should the tray tell the guest? Printing is possible with a logo, photo, any graphics.
  • Do you prefer processing from ecological materials? If environmental friendliness comes first, pay attention to eco-design.
  • How will the trays be stored, should they be stackable? The method of storage also plays an important role.
  • Price is always important. At the same time, it is not true that the lowest price will be the cheapest in the future and quality must pay dearly. We recommend from the practice of clients who have found us, to avoid spending on the purchase of cheap trays that are destroyed faster, rather to purchase reliable and honest quality at an affordable price with a guarantee.
Roltex trays

Think about the material and length of the warranty

The Roltex® brand has developed an almost endless repertoire of trays to suit every requirement. Because the durability of a tray is determined by the material, let's focus together on the benefits of each material type:

Roltex trays

Ecological trays

The design, which refers to nature and resource-friendly access, is clear at a glance with eco-friendly trays. You will feel the 90%  natural material at the first touch. It consists of 70% paper, 20% sugar cane and 10% melamine. The link of the ecological approach is always marked on the underside of the tray. There are 4 types of friendly colors on offer - light, dark or gray wood and a shade of concrete. The materiál also allows printing according to the client's requirements, generously up to the edges. After washing in the dishwasher, they are necessary to be stacked only dry or moist crosswise to ensure a long service life.

Roltex trays


If you are looking for a more durable material that can be washed several times a day (ideally max. 3 times) in a dishwasher, printed all over with your own brand or design and at the same time chosen from a more economical category, let focus on a laminate tray. It is made of 70% paper, the rest is melanin. With regard to the design and maintenance of the product in the best shape, it is important to stack it dry after washing, or, like an ecological tray, to fold it wet in a cross. We offer laminate trays together with a one-year warranty for damage.

Roltex trays

Plastic trays

Plastic trays cathegory offers several variants of materials. They all have one thing in common, as they are economical solution if you do not need printing, because it starts to fade on the substrate after a certain period of operation.

The most ecological variant is the paturel material, composed of 40% wood, the rest is polypropylene. Very durable trays offer a pleasant natural effect due to their structure and at the same time allow regular washing in the dishwasher.

For less demanding operating conditions, such as cold sandwich bars and banquets, polypropylene trays are offered, which is less expensive. However, due to the material, maintenance with a wet cloth is recommended. In the dishwasher, they can be washed at very low temperatures, ideally not at all.

Roltex trays


Polyester trays offer the most variable options in colors, shapes and sizes. At the same time, they are protected by a 3 and 5 year warranty, choosed by the customer himself. If durability and the possibility of disinfection is also your necessity, than a polyester tray is the right solution. It can enter the dishwasher several times a day, even at normally high temperatures, used for standard porcelain inventory. Therefore, it perfectly meets strict hygienic standards in canteens. We can also print this type of tray with the required design (except for the edges).

Polyester trays are also popular for their generous warranty period for damage and splinters. This is a factor that significantly reduces the overall cost of operation of the trays with regard to the possible purchase of refunds at any time in the future.

Roltex trays

At Premium Gastro, we can provide you a professional advice and find an individual combination of properties so that the selected products serve in maximum quality for as long as possible. We will be happy to arrange a personal meeting with you on the line +420 776 184 702. Our team is looking forward to your visit.