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The new X-Oven trainings led by Premium Gastro will enable 100% utilization of the oven

The new X-Oven trainings led by Premium Gastro will enable 100% utilization of the oven
Our goal is to find the biggest possible taste surprise for guests and at the same time show to the operators how useful the X-Oven can be for them when it is in proces. We have prepared a space in which we can look for the ideal equality between profit and performance together.


Premium Gastro is the exclusive importer of the most efficient charcoal oven X-Oven for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And because our mission is to make the sales service beneficial not only in the short term, but especially in the long term, we have compiled several types of unique trainings, in which plays a major role operator's know-how of X-Oven's usability.


Tailor-made trainings to the real needs of the establishment

In 2015, the X-Oven oven was handed over and installed to its first owner, today you can find it in another twenty restaurants in our country. Based on continuous dialogues, interactions and perceptions of the needs of existing clients, as well as frequently asked questions coming from professionals with a potential interest in purchasing, Premium Gastro has prepared a series of tailor-made trainings. The task of these trainings is to provide practical, technological and service information, important for strengthening the maximum benefit for both the owner of the X-Oven furnace and his guests.

The participants of the trainings are led, among others, by Tomáš Vávra, the chef of the FIELD restaurant, who became our X-Oven Chef thanks to his long-term passion for grilling. "X-Oven is incredibly surprising with its multifunctionality and variability of use. X-Oven allows me to do exactly what I love so much. I can very easily prepare the highest level dishes from commonly available and cheap raw materials, " he explains his passion for the common cause.


Types of X-Oven trainings


Presentation for potentional buyers of the X-Oven

takes place exclusively in the Premium Gastro showroom by personal arrangement and is free of charge. During the two-hour presentation, the participant will be individually and completely acquainted with the X-Oven furnace. Since the beginning of the summer, we have welcomed more than ten potentional buyers, whose feedback shows that our intention is right: “A friendly, informal atmosphere with professional leading allows you to touch X-Oven and get all answers for your questions. It is also worth highlighting the varied tasting of dishes prepared in the oven just for us," the participant of the last presentation comments on its positives.


The presentation workshop generally includes:

  • • Introduction to X-Oven ovens types and technological parameters.
  • • Demonstration of preheating and setting of the oven, maintaining the temeprature and work with the temperature curve.
  • • Basic rules of use, maintenance and service.
  • • Joint preparation and tasting of the menu with our X-Oven Chef.
  • • Presentation of plating options with our table inventory.
  • • Use of X-Oven oven in communication with the guest.
  • • In case of interest, a presentation of additional table inventory in the showroom.


Training workshop for X-Oven furnace owners

gives space to visit directly the establishment where the device is installed. In this case, the care of the existing client is absolutely unique, practical and offers the opportunity to focus on the given concept as effectively as possible in all partial operating points. The specific format and duration of the workshop is variable according to the needs and preferences of the client.
The second variant of the workshop is a visit of interested parties in the Premium Gastro showroom. The price of the training is CZK 15,000.


The training workshop generally includes:

  • • Equipment settings check and technical inspection of the X-Oven furnace.
  • • Learning the basics of maintenance and proper technical use.
  • • Furnace heating, practical tips on how to work effectively with the temperature curve.
  • • Joint preparation and tasting of the menu with our X-Oven Chef.
  • • In case of interest, the possibility of adjusting the menu according to the individual needs of the establishment.
  • • Recommendations on how the staff can use the benefits of the X-Oven oven during the presentation to guests.
  • • In case of a visit to Premium Gastro, presentation of new table inventory in the showroom.
  • • Presentation of plating options with our table inventory.


Joint connection of quality, experience and usefulness

X-Oven is the embodiment of a functional combination of solid steel and elegant design, unique heat output, safe operation, and above all the smell of real fire and wood. The last element precisely attacks the subliminal perception based on the very first natural modification of meat on the planet Earth. Can you imagine the difference between a winter cottage heated by a fireplace and a cottage with electric heating? The difference between natural fire and electric heat is undeniably perceived by each of us, even in the case of raw material treatment.

"The X-Oven oven is able to clearly imprint a subtle aroma of natural fine smoke into each establishment, which immediately confirms the guest's expectation of a pleasant gastronomic experience and encourages his curiosity and desire to taste."

We do not want to convince anyone only with our statements. On the contrary, we are happy to give space to anyone who wants to form an opinion themselves. That is why we work with the best possible in the workshops. For this occasion, we take meat from Martin Klouda and season it exclusively with fresh herbs from Personal green. Together with Nespresso, we will also take care of pleasant snacks and a nice environment.


Please arrange the date of the workshop in person as soon as possible on the line +420 776 184 702.

We are looking forward to a common time, during which we will connect the pleasant with the useful.









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