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Porthole in the hands of AnonymousS Legion

The world-famous Porthole infusion carafe from Crucial Detail, popular especially in its native America, has also found its way to the European market. Very quickly, it became part of the DNA of three Prague bars, AnonymouS Concept. How does the local legion of professional bartenders work with the infusion carafe and why can't clients use it themselves? We asked Filip S., co-owner and at the same time a long-time fan of Porthole, who revealed much more information.



Filip, you won't hear the word against Porthole. Why? Where did your love to this infusion vessel come from?

Those who are interested in the bartending world and follow the trends know The Aviary bar in Chicago. The bar is unique. It was also ranked among the The World 50 Best Bars. The concept of the bar is built on Porthole. Which makes sense, because Porthole was originally made by Martin Kastner under his designer brand Crucial Detail specifically for The Aviary bar. I first saw Porthole a few years ago at a bartending competition won by Zdeněk Hartman. I must say that it was love at first sight. Then I visited the Premium Gastro showroom, which is the only one that can offer all products from Crucial Detail. This brand impressed me with its unmistakable design, shapes, materials and workmanship, and then Porthole was a clear choice for me.


Wait, tell us little bit more about how fascinated you were by Porthole. So what was behind it?

It is beautiful product! It catches everyone's eye. You can look at it indefinitely. We can see this situation in bars every day, but it also has had a negative impact a few times. In any case, Porthole is a great source of inspiration for me. The Czech native Martin Kastner is an incredibly talented world-renowned designer who creates in the USA. Our bars are based on originality, anonymity, and above all on the story. The story is the most important. This is what fascinates and interests people. And look at Porthole. This is a story in itself. Porthole content always attracts people's attention. Customers always notice it very well. Unfortunately, sometimes too much.


What exactly do you mean by that? Did Porthole bring you any negative experiences?

Actually yes. Unfortunately. We probably exaggerated it a bit with inspiration from The Aviary bar. Some drinks at The Aviary Bar are offered right in Porthole. It was originally designed as a bottle cocktail. The customer will enjoy the experience with Porthole and can pour the drink themselves. We also wanted to make that possible for our guests, because Porthole brings a lot of fun. But several times, unfortunately, it happened to us that the client left not only with an great impression of the experience of the drink, but also with Porthole itself. So now we're guarding all our Portholes and we won't let them out of our hands. But even so, its effect in the bar is spectacular.



What exactly is Porthole's job at the bar? How did you implement Porthole in operation?

Porthole works great for us in three bars, which is AnonymousS Bar, Shrink’s Office and Ideas are Bulletproof. And we always work with her a little differently.

For example, in AnonymouS Bar Porthole we use more for its distinctive design than for regular maceration, for purely logistical reasons. We make a larger amount of a given cocktail, so we prepare the ingredients in larger containers and Porthole gives it the appropriate final impact. On the contrary, in the Shrink's Office bar we use Porthole for the production of bitters, where a longer maceration is desirable. In the Ideas are Bulletproof bar we have Porthole for the production of our house drink Bourbon with honey and apples.


How important is macerate when preparing drinks?

Maceration is one of the basic techniques that a bar cannot do without. We are not an establishment with modern devices such as a rotavap / centrifuge, etc. This does not mean, however, that we cannot create interesting coctail components. And even if you have the opportunity to work with such devices, you still have to go through various experiments with macerates, whether it is lime cordial or oleo saccharum. Porthole is great for experimentation and development. It has ideal content.


AnonymouS legion's secret tip :

Use Porthole to make bitters. With the help of high-percentage alcohol and sugar, macerate herbs with citrus peels and spices.

Last but not least, you can macerate the whole cocktail. For example, Old Fashioned, orange peel with charred oak sticks works great. There are innumerable variations. And it would definitely be a shame to forget to mention that Porthole is also used to flavor oils. The basic rule is to taste. The taste can vary depending on the ingredients used over hours.


Premium Gastro's tip:

Porthole, as well as other Crucial Detail products, were made for professionals from the world of gastronomy and mixology. However, now end customers can also buy these products. Would you like Porthole, or other inspirational inventory from Crucial Detail, home, or as a unique gift? Visit the Crucial Detail sales website HERE.


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