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Remundi grill - the only grill in the market with adjustable air draft 

New on our market - Remundi outdoor fireplace and grill suitable for charcoal or wood as well. As the only grill on the market, it has a built-in system of infinitely adjustable air supply control, which you can easily control with a pull rod located outside the fireplace. Remundi grills are as effective and versatile as possible!

Robust look and quality German engineering

The benefits list does not end, thanks to special geometry you can use different temperature zones to prepare meals that require different grilling temperatures. The base of the burning fire is below the level of the grilling plate, which is heated up to 300 ° C. The robust look and high-quality, German processing will be appreciated especially by gastro professionals.

You can choose from several types, sizes and heights. Of course there is a grilling accessory, such as a very practical grilling hood or a circle with a lid. Cleaning and maintenance is very easy - after grilling, you simply lift the air supply control and put the ash through the hole in the bottom of the fireplace directly into the ash container.