Complaints Procedure

Complaints are governed by the following points:


  1. When accepting the shipment, it is necessary to thoroughly check the integrity of the packaging of each individual package or pallet.
  2. If the shipment is visibly damaged, notify the carrier and record the damage on the delivery note. The driver is obliged to allow this registration.
  3. If you have reservations about the condition of the shipment, record them in the delivery note, including a brief description (just write how and to what extent the packaging is damaged).
  4. Unpack and inspect the shipment as soon as possible after receipt. If you find damage or incompleteness of the goods after unpacking, get detailed photo documentation and contact us immediately (within three working days at the latest) (including sending a detailed list of claimed items and photos taken, valid in case of breakage or unlikely but possible quality defects).
  5. If the goods were delivered to you by courier service (PPL and others) and you find damage during unpacking, obtain photo documentation and do not unpack the shipment (for the purpose of complaints by courier service).
  6. The customer is obliged to check the packaging of the shipment and take it over only if it is not visibly damaged. In the event of a complaint, do not throw away the packaging that serves as evidence. Subsequent complaints of this nature will not be taken into account.


We also guarantee the above-standard warranty conditions of our suppliers (eg a lifetime warranty for scale, a five-year warranty for scale and others).


We wish you a pleasant and hassle-free purchase! Your Premium Gastro.



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