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Vacuum PRO 115V

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Product properties

Width:26 cm
Height:17 cm
Length:26 cm

Product additional information

Double-cycle vacuum pump, compact, high power, and ultra quiet. It can be transported with only one hand. It has many applications and possibilities for use in all vacuum techniques.
- Conserve and isolate the moisture of any crunchy texture, lyophilized products.- Deaerate of masses and textures, recovery of colors in smoothies, etc.Perform and develop the incredible possibilities of the impregnation and CRU technique.- Distill and vaporize distillates with our distillers or infusers for cocktails or cold broths.- Fill pipettes in a few seconds with SPIDER PIPETTE.- Dry flowers or species, reduce humidity in dehydrated or biscuits, etc.- Make solid sponge mousses (SUFLAIR) with fat masses such as cheese or using chocolateany type of rigid containers.
- If you have a sealing bar you can vacuum pack all kinds of food and liquids.Perform the basic maintenance in just 5 minutes, following the instructions perfectly explained in the manual and user guide.Don't worry about anything.