We wish everyone a peaceful and pleasant Christmas and we will be looking forward to see you again from 4. 1. 2021

J. Bursík

I mostly concentrate on chopping boards, platters, boards for meat, bowls and similar wooden products. The considerable part of it is custom manufacturing according do special customer requirements. I try do impress specific design do all my natural products which emphasizes the beauty of the chosen kind of wood because every piece is specific, different and unusual. Any piece that I take in my hand has a unique grain of wood, different colour and density. I have every piece in my hand for many times during working of wood before I say to myself, this piece will be the most beautiful her. It is its place and it will stay here. Every piece of wood is cut and joined by adhesive many times then cut and adhered again, grinded several times smoothed, polished and impregnated. That is why every product is unique although it looks the same at first right. But still it differs in same details from the others. It is a piece of beautiful and unique nature transformed by human hand. I hope that my wooden products will bring this beauty to your homes and they will make you very happy for many years.