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Figgjo Design

Design awards

In addition to gaining us a reputation as an innovative and sometimes provoking supplier of porcelain, our design expertise has also brought us many honours. Since the year 2000, Figgjo has received as many as ten Awards for Design Excellence, as well as the prestigious Honours Award for Design Excellence, which is annually awarded to the company that has made the best use of design at a strategic, overall level. Figgjo has also been nominated for the Honours Award for Design Excellence for Figgjo Spir.

In 2002, Figgjo was the first Norwegian company to be awarded the German and internationally-renowned Red Dot Design Award for Figgjo Form – and for Figgjo Planet 40 in the following year.

Honours Award for Design Excellence:
2000: Figgjo Form and the Figgjo graphic profile
2003: Nominated for Figgjo Spir

Award for Design Excellence:
2014: Figgjo Felt
2011: Figgjo Tipp
2007: Figgjo Svai
2006: Figgjo Plattform
2004: Figgjo Hval
2004: Figgjo Egg
2003: Figgjo Spir
2002: Figgjo Ting
2002: Figgjo Planet 40
2001: Figgjo Pyramide
2000: Figgjo Form 
2000: Figgjo graphic profile
1996: Figgjo Verde
1969: Figgjo 25 (2000/3500)

Red Dot Design Award:
2003: Figgjo Planet 40
 2002: Figgjo Form