Virtual showroom
Virtual showroom

Come and be inspired in our spacious 600m² showroom, where an endless variety of samples await you for the perfect selection and our personal touch.

Emotions and details need to be experienced with your own eyes - book a date for your personal visit, where we will fully attend to you.

About us
About us

Premium Gastro

  • The complete solution for your operation at your fingertips - from the straw to the plate to the charcoal oven.
  • We have a showroom in Prague with a unique atmosphere and a large selection to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients and their architects and designers.

Who we are

  • We are not only a project-based, experiential wholesaler, we are first and foremost a team of heartthrobs.
  • We are always there for you, ready to provide the best service and support, advising you on the best solution for your particular hotel, restaurant, bistro or café, from tableware to buffet solutions.
  • We are the place where long-term partnerships and friendships are formed, built on trust, quality, personal approach, reliability and knowledge of the needs of the industry.

Our values

  • Ecology is not just a word, but our shared commitment. We support brands that manufacture in Europe and are environmentally conscious. We take pride in the fact that for products we claim to be eco-friendly, we can prove this fact with credible certifications such as FSC, ISO 14001, etc.
  • Full service without the hassle. We provide our clients with the utmost service and support. From the first recommendation, through careful calculation to delivery to the destination.
  • We always look for solutions together. We listen carefully to your wishes and needs, we are your partners.
  • Always one step ahead. Following trends and innovations is not only our job, but also our passion. This enables us to offer you innovative solutions and products that put you at the forefront of your industry.
  • Supporting the development of the catering industry is essential. We firmly believe that investing in the industry is essential to its continued prosperity. For this reason.

We are committed to promoting quality education in gastronomy and contributing to its development for future generations. We support culinary competitions and teams of professionals because we believe that these activities can help educate and motivate up-and-coming talent.

We believe that for everyone who cuddles their project, the time spent visiting us will be rewarded by finding the best fit together.

And mind you, the saying "size doesn't matter" is 100% true with us!


Four times a year, we organize exclusive barbecue events for you in our showroom and adjacent premises, which are intended especially for our selected clients. Our philosophy is based on prioritizing personal encounters over mass, impersonal events that are open to the entire public.

We are firmly committed to always bringing something new to our clients and building strong, long-term relationships with them based on mutual connection.

These barbecue events are friendly, intimate gatherings that bring together not only our regular clients, but also clients of our business partners. They are gatherings of professionals from the gastronomy industry: chefs, managers, owners of restaurants, bistros, catering services or hotels, to whom we offer a unique opportunity to establish new contacts and strengthen existing ones in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Each meeting is enriched with partner seminars that are carefully tailored to the specific interests and needs of our guests. In this way, we bring additional value not only to the participants but also to the presenting partners. Our main goal is not only to connect people from the industry, but also to create an environment for mutual learning and seeking inspiration.

Where to come
Where to come

The best connection is by train:
Nádraží Praha-Uhříněves and then 3 minutes on foot.

Connection by car:
From the D1 motorway exit Čestlice and without traffic lights to our showroom.

Connection by bus:
Bus stop: Nové Náměstí
(209, 213, 228 from Nádraží Praha-Uhříněves, or 213, 226, 383 from Háje metro station)

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Chosen reviews


Petr je srdcař a celé premium gastro je skvělý dodavatel do gastra, ale klidně i domů. Doporučuji 10 z 10

Kamil Opelka


Super vstřícný personál. Zna kvality jednotlivých vyrobku. Klady i zapory. Doporucuji

Daniel Beneš


Fantastický showroom - nic takového jsem ještě neviděl.

Tomáš Sadílek


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