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Martin Kastner introduces his new BORO collection in Premium Gastro

On the 22nd of August we welcomed in Premium Gastro Martin Kastner, founder of the Crucial Detail atelier in Chicago, working with the world's best chefs - on active design, a permanent experience at the table and technical innovations in the kitchen. The inseparable link between food and design is reflected not only in the new BORO collection, but also in Martin's entire work, which changes his view of dining and the world around him. What role does (his) design play in gastronomy?


From Blacksmith to awarded designer

As a little boy he chose blacksmithing, he continued his education and design career at the Institute of Fine Arts in town Ústí nad Labem, at Umprum in Prague and finally in the United States, where he traveled with his future wife. The several-month stay has been extended by more than 20 years and has evolved into a career that is now being talked about not only in the world of top gastronomy.

Martin Kastner is one of the world's leading designers and his Crucial Detail studio creates not only unique dining concepts, but also various technical gadgets for top restaurants, bars and hotels such as Grant Achatz's Alinea or Thomas Keller's businesses. Among the biggest awards include the IHA Global Innovation Award for Best Design Product of 2014 and participation in the first-ever win of the US National Chefs Team in the prestigious Bocuse d'Or competition.


A way to experience the world through unexpected food conception

“Through Gastronomy it is possible to learn a lot about the world and actually experience it, ”Martin said in an interview on Ambiente's blog and he also explained the essence of his work: “Our concepts change the nature of experience and connect food and service so much that one without the other are not complete. We can say that food communicates through a design that tells the story and forces people to think actively.”

The same view of design and the important purpose of dining is shared by businesses where Martin helps create a complex experience full of emotions and memories. “I have the opportunity to see people's reactions, surpass their expectations and open their minds. Grant Achatz says we have changed peoples´ view of food and that is changing the world,” he said.

Martin perceives design as a reaction to a changing context, his creative ideas come not from a specific menu, but from ideas and conversations that take place much before food preparation begins, or even before opening hours. The main theme in his creation is the interaction of guests with what surrounds them, but above all their maximum focus on the food itself.


An unique enjoyment overlapping the plate edge

Martin Kastner's colleagues are not only designers, but also excellent chefs and personalities who have created a completely different Universe around themselves and they understand the combination of service and food as an art that goes far beyond the edge of the plate. While at the table Martin brings guests a new approach to experience, on the other side of reality - in the kitchen - he thinks less expressively and conversely more practically.

His projects include, for example, molds, handling trays, specially heated trays and other gadgets that facilitate preparation, speed up dispensing and improve logistics. Both in the restaurant and at events outside the restaurant such as competitions or catering, when space and time are reduced and the number of guests increases.

"We all live in our own box and it's important to look at things from the perspective of other people and other occupations," said Martin, who pulls out of the boxes chefs, guests, and a lot of other people and for them now his studio is transforming products into sales. Not only restaurants and chefs, but also many other people are looking for an experience in context and uniqueness that can transform our environment.