Welcome to the Bar Equipment subcategory, where you will find everything you need to prepare and serve drinks at a professional level. Our assortment is selected with quality, design and functionality in mind to meet the requirements of even the most demanding bartenders and mixologists.

Shakers - An essential tool for any bartender, our shakers are made from premium materials and come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any cocktail mixing needs. 

Coolers - Keep your drinks perfectly cool with our efficient coolers that fit both small and large bars. With our solutions, your drinks will always remain fresh and inviting.

Bartender Tools - From classic bar spoons to modern muddlers, we offer a wide range of tools that will make bartenders' jobs easier and raise the level of your service.

Straws - Made from eco-friendly materials, our straws are available in several colors to complement the look of your drinks while protecting the environment.

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