In our subcategory Modern, we specialize in the latest trends not only in the field of mixology. Thanks to our equipment, you will not only get quality tools, but also inspiration to expand your creative horizons.

Explore our range and discover how you can take your bar into a new era of mixology with products from 100% Chef.

Smoke Guns - Bring a mysterious dimension to your drinks and dishes with our smoke guns. This equipment allows you to add unique aromas of wood, herbs and spices that will enrich the experience of every bite or sip.

Dry Ice Equipment - Dry ice is a revolutionary method of cooling and serving beverages with a spectacular visual impact. Our products allow you to safely handle dry ice and create breathtaking presentations. Vacuum – Vacuum technology is the key to modern mixology, and we offer you the best equipment to master it. 

Infusion - Open the door to an infinite variety of flavors with our infusers. Perfect for creating unique beverages that will dazzle your customers with unusual combinations. 
Centrifuge - Extract the purest essences and brightest juices with our professional centrifuge. Ideal for creating clean cocktails and other beverages that require perfect clarity and consistency.

VOM - VOM systems are a revolutionary tool for anyone who is looking for perfection and originality in serving beverages.

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