X-OVEN presents a new generation of charcoal ovens for chefs who want to prepare gourmet food preserving its authenticity, taste and aroma while taking full advantage of a unique modern cooking system.


A new, versatile and efficient product line that offers enhanced comfort and safety, that serves chef’s creativity while ensuring rapid and healthy preparation of diverse high quality food.


X-OVEN’s product range was conceived by Enrico Piazzi, an Italian restaurant owner and passionate inventor who has spent years researching, developing and market testing the products in order to deliver a first hand, exceptional, cooking tool – chef to chef.


An ancestral tradition in a modern cooking system – the scent of wood and the solidity of the steel together with its smart design create a unique system that makes preparation more comfortable while conferring the true flavor of grill to food. X-OVEN means healthy, light and flawless cooking – the heat of the embers wraps and “seals” the surface of the food: juices and mineral salts are retained within, enhancing the natural taste and flavor while keeping its softness intact, without the risk of carbonizing the food as in open-flame grills.


In fact, X-OVEN’s closed chamber is designed to convey only enough oxygen to keep the embers alive, avoiding the development of uncontrolled flames but guaranteeing an ideal and constant temperature during service. Hence the food quality is excellent – the food is perfectly cooked, healthy and light.


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