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Lehmann Verre A Décanter Oenomust 1,5l

At first glance, Oenomust is something of a surprise, with its innovative design combining a bottom part wide which permits a fl owing and controlled rotation and a rounded and narrower upper part for optimal concentration of aromas.A flowing and controlled rotation is enhanced by the generous base of the glass that enables the wine to express itself and free the full range of concentrated aromas. No molecules will be lost thanks to the narrow upper curve, allowing you to fully benefit from all the olfactory characteristics of the wine.The thinness of the cold-cut rim helps to guide the wine inside your mouth, increasing the perception of your taste buds and making the lip-to-glass contact a pleasurable experience.The Oenomust range has been created to enhance all wine tasting moments thanks to its generous, innovative shape that will enable you to rediscover the aromas and tastes of wines from all over the world.
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Weight:660 g
Width:16 cm
Height:30 cm
Length:16 cm


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