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Economic molds in 3D made in PET to form pieces with mousses, ice creams, fruit purees, gelatins or chocolate. Resists freezing and washing in the dishwasher at less than 70ºC. These molds are not adapted to use with caramel or hot foods at more than 70ºC. Fill your mold with the natural wooden sticks or the colored sticks for lollipop.

Step 1

Mount the Lollypop Mould and make sure it is securely locked.

Fill the mould using a piping bag or syringe with gelatin, chocolate, mousse or fruit puree. All combinations are possible, playing with sweet-and-sour or salty taste to propose casual dishes with a touch of fun.

Step 2

Store in refrigerator or freezer to allow lollipop to solidify.

Once solidified, carefully separate the lollipops from the Lollypop Mould and finish the presentation by wrapping them in paper or dipping them in chocolate. All combinations are possible!

Step 3

Place the lollipops on the presentation stand. Lollypop Mould can be superimposed on the fridge for large productions, and be a fun souvenir for your customers. It is easy to use, to keep and to present thanks to the different types of presentation supports such as trays, marble supports, metal and methacrylate supports.

It is ideal for presenting tastings at events and pop-up restaurants and can be declined as a cocktail garnish. View all the techniques in the Youcook video tutorials

Lollipop Nitro Mould BIGFOOT

Lollipop Nitro Mould BIGFOOT

Lollipop Nitro Mould GINGERMAN

Lollipop Nitro Mould GINGERMAN


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