Mold lipsticks and present them as an option to taste mousses, fruit purees, jellies and chocolates. Offer it as a starter, dessert or also as a catering option. To create this presentation you need the lipstick tubes, the mold and the display base. Personalize your Lipstick surprising your guests with a new way to taste!

Step 1

Assemble the 3D Lipstick Mold and make sure it is properly closed.

Fill the mold using a pastry bag or syringe with gelatin, chocolate, mousse or fruit puree. All combinations are possible, playing with sweet and sour taste or with savoury flavours to propose casual dishes with a funny touch.

Step 2

Store in a refrigerator or freezer to allow the lipstick to solidify.

Once solidified, separate carefully the lipstick from the 3D Lipstick Mold and insert them into the empty lipstick case. The case is available in four different colors: black, silver, gold and transparent and can also be customized. Contact us to get a quote for personalization with stickers from 50 pieces.

Step 3

Place the lipstick on the presentation stand. The 3D Lipstick Mold can be stacked in the fridge for big productions, and be a fun memory for your events or special receptions. It is easy to use, preserve and present thanks to the different types of presentation supports such as trays, marble supports, metal and methacrylate supports. The lipstick is ideal for events and pop-up restaurants and can be declined in cocktail version.

The video tutorial to learn how to use 3D Lipstick Mold is available on YouCook.


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