Salt & pepper

In this subcategory you will find a wide selection of salt and pepper grinders, as well as classic salt and pepper shakers that are not only practical but also aesthetically appealing. With product ranges from renowned brands such as Utopia, F2D and DPS, we guarantee high quality and a design that fits any interior.


We offer a wide selection of salt and pepper shakers, pepper shakers and grinders that are made with functionality and aesthetics in mind. Sourced from leading brands such as Utopia, F2D and DPS, our products are designed to perfectly complement any table service while withstanding the demands of daily use in a professional environment.


Be amazed by the variety of materials and designs available in our range of salt and pepper grinders. From traditional wooden to modern stainless steel, each piece is designed with attention to detail and functionality. Outfit your restaurant, bar or hotel with premium salt and pepper shakers from Utopia, F2D and DPS and guarantee that every detail on your table will speak for your guest care.


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