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NEW: Thermo Future BoX

In the world of foodservice equipment, it's vital to be innovative, imaginative and constantly push the boundaries of product practicality. This is exactly what the latest addition to our portfolio, the market leader in thermoboxes, does. At Premium Gastro, we feel a direct obligation to introduce you to the benefits and possibilities of the Thermo Future Box brand, of which we are now proud distributors.


In recent years, our flagship in this sector has been the Kangabox, renowned for its extreme durability, especially thanks to its 60g/l EPP content and its sexy design. Thermo Future Box promises to maintain the quality and emphasis on design, manufacturing in the EU and better conditions in both availability and price. In addition, this manufacturer is two steps ahead in developing every detail for maximum performance.

The founder of Thermo Future Box is Mr Peter Barth, who has spent many years developing thermo boxes for other manufacturers. His need to think about this technology down to the smallest detail led him to create his own brand. More than 20 years ago he started with 4 products in his portfolio, thanks to his innovations the brand now has more than 100 functional products with more targeted uses.


Our top picks from the portfolio


Front loader boxes : in this section, the Thermo Future Box brand offers several variants and colour options. There is also a tower system and an additional range of accessories such as a trolley for easy handling.
Cake boxes : a unique system for transporting cakes of any size, an invaluable aid for the safe transport of wedding cakes, for example.
Shopping box : available in 3 sizes, two of which can hold up to 6 1.5l bottles.


All boxes are available in a range of colours to help you keep track of the food in each box. This minimises the need for frequent opening of the boxes, which can lead to a break in the temperature chain.

Finally, our advice is that each cooler should be at least 80% full to ensure the best possible insulation.

If you have any questions about our products, their use or how to order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

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