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Cheers with our new partner b.wine

One of the most important elements of success in the business world is building quality and long-term partnerships, and this is doubly true in the catering industry. We all know how important it is to have really quality suppliers, people are behind everything and good relationships are half the battle.

Because we at Premium Gastro realise how hard it is to find such partners, we look with you. When we find a project where product quality, the right vision and great client service come together, in short, when the fit is right, a great collaboration is formed. 

Today we would like to introduce you to the partnership with b.wine.

b.wine is a Czech family company whose heart and founder is Pavel Buchwaldek. Pavel is a successful chef and with the b.wine project he is fulfilling his great dream of combining quality food with great wine. Another important link is Hanka Zemanová, who perfectly sets the visual direction of the company.
At b.wine, they personally select unique wines for their portfolio from family-owned wineries in the traditional wine-growing regions of Central Europe. In the b.UP pop-up restaurant project, they combine characterful wines with authentic ingredients from our region.

The b.Up pop-up restaurant was created to support partner businesses. The emphasis is on simplicity, tradition and technique. 
The combination of Premium Gastro and b.wine brings comprehensive service and inspiration to our clients. Together we select the best inventory to highlight great food. At the same time, the b.wine selection is created in collaboration with the sommelier team. This is a selection of professional glassware for your business, and we have several ranges to cover the needs of a wide range of establishments. It's the next step in helping you deliver the best experience to your guests. And it doesn't stop there, the plan is to develop the collaboration further and bring you intimate tastings, training, pairings and plating options, to name a few. We're here for you, and every day we're thinking about what more we can do for you.
We asked the founders of both projects Premium Gastro - Petr Svejkovský, b.wine - Pavel Buchwaldek the same 5 questions. You can judge for yourself what their answers say about the cooperation and their personalities.


What is your favourite wine?
Petr I usually like Rieslings, and anyway my favourite wine is the one I have in the fridge, it's definitely from Pavel.
Pavel In b.wine you can clearly see what style of wines we like. We love the classic varieties of our region of Central Europe that have a clear terroir character. It is important to us that the winemakers we work with have a clear style and produce clean and distinctive wines. When it comes to varieties, I especially love our Wachter-Wiesler francs, which are absolutely top-notch in style. Of the white varieties, "always" Riesling!:)


What do you see as the biggest added value that b.wine brings to its partners?
Petr Their service and approach to clients, sales are actually a consequence of their approach.
Pavel The biggest added value of b.wine is undoubtedly our service and the quality of the wines we offer. I dare say that as a wine supplier with a focus on gastronomy, we have no competition.

Why the combination of Premium Gastro and b.wine?
Petr Since our collaboration is broader, they help us to select the best for our clients both operationally and oenologically within our portfolio.
Pavel The combination of Premium Gastro and b.wine is a big step for us. We gain both a strategic partner whose selection moves our pop-up restaurant b.up forward and a partner with whom we can highlight the importance of using the right glasses when serving wine - and that's what we're all about

Describe Paul in a few words
Petr understands the clients needs, he understands what he does and has a great overlap in the culinary side of things, he's sometimes stubborn and doesn't lack a sense of humour.
Describe Peter in a few words
Paul Describe Petr in a few words? That's going to be hard! I remember his beginnings, it's admirable how far he's come. So Peter = Inspiration and Premium :))


What do you sleep in?
Petr If there is no Eve, then in Adam's clothing
Pavel I'm still sleeping in bed:))))😄


Would you like to know more? Is there anything we can help you with? Contact us to arrange a visit to Premium Gastro. 
We look forward to seeing you!


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