X-OVEN.3 Charcoal oven right

X-OVEN’s product line offers dynamic cooking systems, suitable for a wide variety of needs that can turn into true creative instruments in the hands of talented chefs. Multiple grill drawers to cook different dishes simultaneously at different temperatures: from the most intense heat in the grill drawer nearest the brazier, gradually diminishing in the grill drawers further away from the embers. Alternatively, single grill drawer to cook at a higher and more uniform temperature.
X-OVEN is an ideal cooking companion for diverse cooking techniques – grilling, cooking au gratin, roasting, regenerating, toasting and smoking on charcoal. Adjusting the smoke outlet valve can modulate the food taste: closed for a more intense embers note or opened, for a greater delicacy. Even the combustible plays its part; X-OVEN’s selected charcoal is deliberately neutral to enhance the natural flavor of the food, but by adding wood chips of various essences and scents, possible nuances of flavor become endless. X-OVEN frees creativity in each chef and lends itself to many cooking methods while giving excellent results.
X-OVEN saves energy, time and space. It reaches and maintains extremely high temperature with no heat dispersion thanks to its purposely designed side grill drawer system; the porcelain chamber is shut at all times and allows slow ember combustion while preventing flame development. This innovation reduces charcoal consumption by 80% compared to traditional open-flame grills and by 50% compared to ordinary charcoal ovens. Energy savings are also obtained due to the efficient brazier-lifting cart that serves to make the best use of every calorie.
At the same time, energy efficiency and low heat dispersion result in faster preparation and service operations that can lead up to 50% productivity increase compared to traditional kitchen equipment. Moreover, the compact and functional design together with the possibility of choosing either right or left grill drawers allow the perfect fit in any professional kitchen line occupying overall less than one square meter of space. X-OVEN is convenient because it takes up little space, it saves time, it reduces consumption and it increases productivity.
No more gusts of heat or risk of burns as in ordinary charcoal ovens. Instead of the old single front hatch, with the X-OVEN cooking system, the chef can open the grill drawer with just a finger to monitor the cooking process and intervene on the food in total safety and never in direct contact with the heat source. The grill drawer, once open, is perfectly isolated from the glowing embers and it prevents heat and smoke leakages.
The Fire breaker device that is integrated in the fumes exhaust system completely avoids the risk of sparks or solid particles output. In this way one can rediscover the true pleasure of cooking on the grill without the inconvenience of coping with heat or burns. X-OVEN allows effortless and safe grill cooking and is easy to light up, adjust, clean and install.
Technical specifications

Nominal power 5,09 kW
Suggested charcoal load 8,00 Kg
Consumption rate 1,0 Kg/hr
Average service time 6/8 hrs
(first 4/5 hours maximum heat intensity, last 2/3 hours declining)
Starting time 1 hr
Average production rate (300gr. a portion) 150 portions/hr
Operating temperature 250 / 350 °C
Capacity 3 GN 1/1
Minimum extraction hood rate 1500 mc/hr
Extraction hood aspiration speed > 1,5 m/s < 3,0 m/s
Fumes temperature at aspiration hood intake < 80 °C
(minimum distance from Fire breaker 25cm )
Efficiency 65,52 %
CO emission in the combustion products 0,475 %

Dimensions and weights

Width with grill drawers closed (including handles) 585 mm
Width with grill drawers opened (including handles) 960 mm
Width with grease drainer 900 mm
Depth with front hatch closed (including handles) 840 mm
Depth with front hatch opened 1240 mm
Total height with wheels on ground, smoke outlet valve and fire breaker 1748 mm
Height X-Oven.3 882 mm
Height brazier lifting cart 566 mm
Height smoke outlet valve + fire breaker 300 mm
Total weight 310 Kg
Weight X-Oven.3 240 Kg
Weight brazier lifting cart 70 kg
Dimension of standard inox grill 370x540 mm
Product code:
On request
Weight:380000 g
Width:59 cm
Height:175 cm
Length:59 cm
Temperature resistance:
Surface finish:


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