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Kayser INOXcreamer 1l

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The INOXcreamer is the newest professional cream whipper from the KAYSER product family. Ergonomic design combined with state-of-the-art technology in a high-quality stainless steel design make the INOXcreamer the perfect all-rounder in the professional kitchen.Sweet and spicy recipes can be prepared simply, cleanly and quickly. Two nozzles are included for decoration with various designs. Light, airy cream, mousses, sauces or soups – there are few limits to creativity. The filling will stay fresh in the INOXcreamer for ten days when chilled well in an airtight environment.The head of the INOXcreamer is also made of state-of-the-art, rust-free stainless steel in the same way as the bottle and the handle is firmly connected to the head. This ensures reliability, durability and simple handling. Place head and bottle in the dishwasher for effective and hygienic washing.