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X-Oven Recipes

As part of the largest gastronomic event of the year, Bidfood Expo 2022, we tasted the X-Oven oven. This is a new generation of charcoal ovens, thanks to which your dish will retain its authenticity, taste and aroma. Enrico Piazzi has spent several years developing, researching and testing to create this excellent oven with an elegant design.

Chef Tomáš Vávra has compiled a menu especially for this event, which contains perfectly balanced tastes, it would be a shame not to share this excellent menu with you. Titbit supplied us with fresh vegetables and fruits for this event. The cheeses were supplied by Lactalis.


Sweet potatoes, gorgonzola, red fermented pepper
1kg sweet potatoes

100g shallot

150 ml white wine

350g gorgonzola

500ml cream

100ml broth (vegetable)

100g butter

5g salt

2g pepper

5g fermented red pepper La Plantation by Kampot.cz

Wash the sweet potatoes and bake them in salt in an X-Oven oven.



Reset the shallots on the melted butter and add the gorgonzola, let it dissolve and lightly burn. Drizzle with white wine and let boil. Add cream and broth, cook.

Mix the finished mixture until smooth and strain through a colander.

Sprinkle the finished food with fermented pepper.


Carrots, sheep cheese, smoked white pepper
1kg carrot

150g shallots

3g thyme

200ml white wine

100g butter

500g sheep cheese

500g cream

2d smoked fermented pepper La Plantation by Kampot.cz

5g salt


Wash the carrots and bake the whole salt in an X-Oven.


Fry shallots with thyme in butter, pour white wine over it and let it boil. Add cream, sheep cheese, season with salt and pepper and heat to 80 ° C. Mix until smooth and strain through a fine sieve.

Garnish with freshly ground smoked pepper and butterfly pea flowers.


Bacon, cabbage, cream, fermented long pepper
1.5 kg belly

1kg cabbage

500ml cream

200g Like a Harissa from the titbit company

250g onions

50g sauerkraut

50g sauerkraut juice

30ml oil

5g long fermented pepper

5g cumin

1g bay leaf

20g parsley leaf

15g ground pepper



Put the belly in a vacuum bag, add salt, onion, cumin and parsley.

We cook for 72 ° C for 16 hours. Bake the finished meat in the X-Oven

Bake the cabbage whole in an X-Oven until soft.

Fry the onion in oil, add harisha, ground pepper, sauerkraut and grate, pour the juice over the meat and cream and cook. Mix and finally add the cabbage juice and season with salt and pepper. Strain through a fine sieve.

We garnish the food with long fermented pepper.

Pineapple, coconut, tartemalin, Campotian rum with pepper

1pc pineapple

100g coconut powder

500g tartemalin

300ml cream

180g sugar

150ml SAMAI Kampot pepper rum


Clean the pineapple and grill it in the X-Oven

Mix all the ingredients and heat to 50 ° C, mix and fill into a whipped cream bottle Kayser.

Garnished with dried flowers and fermented red pepper.



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