Dutch Deluxes

Dutch Deluxes

Founded in 2013 by a pair of kitchen and fashion enthusiasts, Dutchdeluxes presents a creative collection of stylish kitchen and tabletop equipment. Products that bring joy to everyday cooking. Exceptional because of its materials, shapes, quality and colors.


At the beginning, the brand introduced XXL serving trays in vivid colors and noble solid oak and walnut. This was followed by leather aprons made of first-class grain leather, which acquires a beautiful patina over time. They have gradually expanded the collection to include other products, including wine coolers, mugs, baking dishes and shelves.


Dutchdeluxes cherish tradition and love natural materials, but they never feel old-fashioned. Dutchdeluxes sets a new standard in the kitchen and hospitality industry, as wine and dining are all about feel, elegant presentation, and aesthetic appeal!



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