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Hering Berlin

Elegant dining or the essence of the well-laid table

The notion of “essence” refers to the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something (a phenomenon, object or viewpoint), which determines its character and without which it would not be what it is. That is, pretty well, how the dictionary defines it – and that is exactly how we intend it to be understood.

The Hering Berlin factory – Who are we and what are we?

We are a Berlin manufacturing company called Hering Berlin. Our products are made with the aim of constituting the essence of the well-laid table. They include, in the broadest terms, products such as crockery, drinking glasses, table textiles, lighting and, on top of that, anything and everything that can help give a table form and func-tion in line with our thinking and aesthetic philosophy. The origins of the manufacturing company, which was founded in 1992, and hence our core competence, come from the manufacture of high-quality (biscuit) porcelain.

The starting point for everything

The foundations of the creative inspiration that runs throughout the firm bear the unmistakeable stamp of the personality and creativity of company founder Stefanie Hering. The exceptional abilities of the designer and master craftswoman include, in addition to her unique visual creativity, the extraordinary craftsman-like skill required to be able to produce formally sophisti-cated designs in dimensions that push the boundaries of what can be made in porcelain. This results from the constant striving to extend and fill in our knowledge of the possibilities fo hand-made porcelain. And this leads us directly to an essential principle of our activity.