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Thermo Future Box

We are very proud to be an official distributor of the Thermo Future Box brand. This innovative brand specialises in high quality thermal solutions to keep food and drink at the right temperature, not just during transport. The founder of the brand, Mr. Peter Barth, developed the thermo boxes for the Kangabox brand, but wanted to move forward in the development and therefore founded his own company.
Just like the products of the most promoted Kangabox brand so far, the Thermo Future Box products are made with the utmost attention to quality and performance. The materials used in production are highly insulating and provide excellent thermal protection. However, Thermo Future Box is truly focused on innovative and pro-customer solutions. The Thermo Future Box team is constantly striving to deliver more practical and efficient solutions. Each Thermo Future Box is designed with practicality and ease of handling in mind.

One of the many gadgets from this brand is a thermobox where you can conveniently place a bottle of wine or 1.5l soft drinks.