Figgjo, a leading Norwegian porcelain manufacturer, will captivate you with its variability, simplicity and perfection of classic design, functionality and high quality workmanship.


This manufacturer combines impeccable craftsmanship with a long tradition and state-of-the-art technology. For some products, up to 52 human interventions are required during production, highlighting the high level of detail and quality. 


Figgjo's offer includes a complete range of porcelain for gastronomic needs, from plates to bowls, bowls, cups, porcelain trays to special GN-gastro containers.


Porcelain is made with the addition of aluminum oxide, which ensures its high strength and resistance to damage. 


Figgjo prides itself on providing a five-year warranty on the flaky chip for most of its product lines.


Another option of this brand is to create custom designs and branding, which allows customers to customize the products according to their specific ideas and needs






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