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Crucial Detail Aviary Bowl

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Product properties

Weight:741 g
Width:11 cm
Height:14 cm
Length:11 cm
Temperature resistance:
Surface finish:

Product additional information

Originally developed for The Aviary in Chicago, the Aviary Bowl’s dramatic shape is rooted in function. Its textured exterior allows secure one-handed service, its tall form delivers volume in a small footprint, and its dramatic interior glaze is precise and refined. To streamline the interaction between guest and server, the bowl’s lip is shaped to cradle a utensil.
The Aviary Bowls are handmade at our studio in batches of a few dozen. They are slip-cast, spray textured, bisque fired, sanded, glazed, sharp fired, and buffed to achieve their unique texture. Since we first introduced the Aviary Bowl at the Aviary in Chicago, we’ve received a steady stream of inquiries regarding their availability. Due to their specific setup and high labor intensity, we have not been able to offer them as a stock item. For the first time during our last batch for Alinea, we made a limited quantity to offer for sale.


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