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Keeping the trend of combining different shapes and colours into one setting in mind, the CHIC Mix collection offers the chef the perfect tools to showcase his dishes and food. The range is the perfect addition to any table. Mixing and matching the different items will add colour and character to your dining experience. Moreover, the combinations of different shapes, textures and materials will guarantee a joyous entertainment of food.

Chic Mix includes all kinds of bowls and several plates in vibrant, attractive colours, made from natural stoneware. The bowls and plates are manufactured in European production units, located in Portugal.

This vibrant collection also includes several elegant table accessories.

Take for example the serving boards which are made of bamboo. The bamboo material is lightweight, easy to clean and naturally stain-resistant. The oil and vinegar bottles on the other hand are made of borosilicate glass and owe their finesse to an own design by Chic. The bottle with handy spout does not interfere with any table setting. Thanks to the borosilicate base material, the vinegar bottle is heat and cold resistant, allowing it to be suitable for any type of liquid (e.g. oil or sauce).

The latest additions are the black and white marble dishes, covered jars and coasters, perfect for ser ving small degustation portions. These beautiful items with natural feeling allow you to create a more tranquil atmosphere.