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Crucial Detail Forkbowl

The Forkbowl is an evolution of our Palmbowl design, originally created for Alinea. Our goal was to guide the diner’s behavior towards a specific eating sequence without the need for instruction. In this case the guest intuitively focuses on the suspended bite on the fork before chasing it with the liquid below.
While the original Palmbowl will not balance on its own and has to be handed directly to the guest, the Forkbowl’s foot allows one to set the dish on the table without losing the guiding element. Both versions of the design are made of porcelain fired in an oxidation atmosphere to achieve their warm cream color. They are hand-cast, carved, and sanded in small batches at our Chicago studio.
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Width:9 cm
Height:6 cm
Length:9 cm
Temperature resistance:
Surface finish:


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